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The buzz on Road, Movie at Toronto

September 9, 2009  |  News  |  No Comments

Here’s what Guy Dixon writes in the Globe and Mail.

However, many in the industry will be looking to Road, Movie , an Indian-based film geared toward an international market, to generate the kind of little-movie-that-could buzz that propelled Slumdog Millionaire . Produced by Susan B. Landau and Ross Katz, the film is already drawing high expectations, stemming partly from the news in May that it was picked up by Fortissimo Films, a leading sales company.

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Road, Movie premieres at TIFF

September 5, 2009  |  News

World Premiere at the Winter Garden Theatre, September 18th 8:15pm.



ps: this title and the stunning end title sequence has been done by Shine an amazing team in LA. I totally love them and would love them to be a part of Samourai and Sacred Numbers as well.